Radiation therapy programs prepare students for careers in areas of the health care field that are concerned with improving the treatment of cancer through use of the latest technology. Professionals with a radiation therapy degree work closely with radiation oncologists during patients’ treatment sessions, using a variety of equipment to pinpoint and shrink cancerous tumors. A radiation therapy certificate also demonstrates ability to understand and follow all safety precautions related to protection from high amounts of radiation.

Online radiation therapy programs are a viable option for busy health care professionals who are already working in the fields of radiology or sonography. Some schools offering this type of radiation therapist program even give preference to these candidates, since many skills from these areas easily transfer to completing the curriculum required for a radiation therapy degree. In addition to the training in a radiation therapist program, graduates also need to have excellent communication skills and bedside manner when working with patients.

Prospective students can earn either an Associate degree or Bachelor’s degree in radiography, followed by a one-to-two year radiation therapy certificate program. The majority of states require licensure by successfully passing a certification exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

Curriculum offered in online radiation therapy programs is comparable to that offered in a classroom setting. Common online coursework includes college level mathematics, science, and writing. Online students in radiation therapy programs are often required to attend a certain number of hands-on training workshops per semester in order to gain the needed experience with the different types of radiation therapy equipment. This machinery can include linear accelerators, cobalt units, and CT scanners.

If radiation therapy seems to be a good career fit, begin today by researching radiation therapy programs both online and on-campus. Request more information from chosen schools and meet with a program advisor to get started.

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  1. Pam Morris says:

    I am interested in any information, including required prerequisites for radiation therapy schools in Missouri and Colorado. Would it be possible to obtain this information?

  2. Rafaela cabieles says:

    looking for a radiation therapy school in Massachusets?

  3. Rafaela cabieles says:

    How long does a take to become Radiation therapy graduate.

  4. PENNY B. VEREEN RT(R) CT(R) says:

    I am very interested in any information , preferably on SC/NC Radiation Therapy programs. and on-line programs. I am currently employed full-time in CT and PRN in MRI. Thank you,

  5. roy mutsch says:

    I would like information on enrolling in the Radiation Therapy program on line.

  6. Debbie Fowler says:

    I would like more information on radiation therapy classes if available to be taken online. Currently working in the law enforcement field and have always wanted to do something in the medical field. Thank you.

  7. Raney Castella says:

    I’m interested in information regarding radiation therapy programs. I currently have an associate degree in radiography.

  8. James Munn says:

    please send info on course pre requirements

  9. Madison Babin says:

    I am interested in information about a radiation therapy program. I have recently graduated with an associates degress in radiologic technology and would like to specialize in radiation therapy. I need information on possible schools with a radiation therapy program, as well as online schools. Thank you.

  10. Tania Gyurek says:

    Hello, I am currently attending Mountain State Univeristy in Beckley, WV and I am in the RAD Tech program. I will graduate in Spring 2012, and I am wanting to further my education in radiation therapy. I am not sure as to what state I am wanting to reside in when I graduate but I would like some information on radiation therapy schools in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.
    Thank You So Much!
    -Tania Gyurek

  11. Damian Elswick says:

    Im a registered nurse living in Hawaii. I was an xray tech back in 1987 with the army but never registered. Im interested in going back to school for radiation therapy and was wondering about my options online or in a classroom setting.



  13. Wendy Meza says:

    Can you please send me more information about schools in Los Angeles CA
    Thank you

  14. Ingrid Chacon says:

    I live in California, I have been working for a Cancer Center for the past 8 years as a medical assistant, office coordinator, dosimetrist assistant, radiation therapist assistant. I am looking for an online Radiation Therapy program.

    Can you help me find a school that offers an online Radiation Therapy program, I was told that Weber State University offered the program however I don’t think they still do.

    Thank you.

  15. Gloria Guzman says:

    I just found my answer to my previous question.

  16. Nicole says:

    Looking for online program for radiation therapy.

  17. Kasie Rosenberg says:

    I would like to know in the State of Georgia what community colleges or university’s have the Radiation Therapy Program. I am interested in attending.
    Thank You,
    Kasie R

  18. Alexis Cameron says:

    I just graduated from radioloy technology school and am looking into this program. I would like to talk to someone about what I would need to get in, cost of programs, etc. any help would be welcome!

  19. sheri mentzel says:

    I live in Florence South Carolina. I am a registered Radiologic Technologist (ARRT). I am looking for a radiation therapy program that would allow clinical experience to occur on a local level, a majority of online course work with minimal far distance travel. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you could give, thank you.

  20. Kristie DuPaul says:


    I have been researching radiation therapy as a career option. I have a Bachelors degree, but it’s not in the medical field.

    What kind of programs do you have?



  21. Komal says:

    Current School Rutgers University Newark NJ

  22. Thomas Berger says:

    For the Radiation therapy program, I have a question. After a graduate from high school, can i get my prerequisites out of the way in a year or so and go straight into the program or do I have to have another degree before?

  23. Victoria Hanna says:

    I am currently finishing my MA degree, I am looking to start college in January. I want to go for Radiation therapy. My next step is BA in Health science, what schools are around for me to look into that are in Pa?

  24. Carolina Begglo-Walls says:

    I would love to follow this career, I’m in Orlando Fl and I would like to know if is any school here for this program.
    Thank you!

  25. Patty says:

    I am 49 and considering a career change. I have practiced dental hygiene for the last nine years and have been contemplating this move in careers since I live in Shreveport/Bossier, Louisiana and the job market is not good for dental hygiene. This is a field that I was interested in a long time ago, but never did anything about. What would be my marketability upon graduation and what would be the best path to take for my circumstances? P.J. Bowers Geer

  26. Dave Simon says:


    I graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage(private Institution) and I wanted to know what schools in NYC- Long Island Area would let me transfer my existing credits.

  27. Thomas Nguyen says:

    Hi, I am very interested in becoming a radiation therapist. I live in San Jose, CA. I have about 90 college credits, but have no idea where to start to become a radiation therapist. Please help! Thanks.

  28. Kenya Wilson says:

    I am interest in any information you could give me on radiation therapy schools in atlanta, GA. I currently hold an associates in Healthcare Administration.

  29. Kenya Wilson says:

    I currently hold an associates degree in healthcare administration and am very interested in a radiation threrapy schools in Atlanta, Ga. Any information would help, thank you.

  30. dianna fekete says:

    Please send me the info for schools on line and in my area. Im interested in the radiation classes. I live in Ct. Thanks.

  31. tyler says:

    My name is Tyler and I am currently in the process of recieving my associates degree as a RAD tech. I am interested in furthering my career in radiation therapy. Can you please send me information of schools I could possibly attend to get this in Ohio.

  32. Mary Barbe says:

    I’m looking for an online Associate’s degree program in Radiation Therapy.

  33. Michelle Dunlap says:

    Looking to see what I need for radiation certifcation

  34. Meriem says:

    What are the pre requisites needed to enroll into a radiation therapy program, I can take my pre reqs online.

  35. saira says:

    I would like more info on Radiation therapy careers in RI.. Thanks

  36. BRENDA JONES says:

    I worked as a Radiation Therapist for 27 years. I needed to stop working due to family circumstances. I kept up with my CE credits & renewed my licenses the first 2 years. Things at home became very time consuming & I let them expire. I miss my work & I want to get licensed again. Hence, my interest in programs available in MD.

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