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Radiation therapist are hired to manage cancer patients using specialized equipment that destroy cancerous growths in and on the body. Radiation therapy is one of the fastest growing area of study in the medical industry and has a high earning potential without the need for years of school. Unfortunately, there are no schools in Alaska that have a radiation therapy program. The closest state that has a radiation therapy program is located in Washington state at Bellevue College. It is possible to complete the pre-professional classes that are required at most radiation therapy program across the country and then transfer into a program out of state, but you must contact the schools to make sure the credits will transfer.

Program Requirements

For most applicants of radiation therapist schools in the US, you may need to complete a number of related general education courses like biology and math, these you can complete in Alaska before you transfer to a radiation therapy program. On top of that, colleges may need you to complete novice health-related courses like health information technology and medical terminology so that you shall be ready for the radiation therapy courses. Since radiography and radiation therapy are closely related, some schools will allow you to complete a shorter program by using knowledge and classes you gained from the radiography degree you already have.

Average Tuition Costs

The cost of attending a radiation therapy school can range from $2000 up to $75000 for the entire program if you have in state status, otherwise it can cost up to $100k. The cost depends on the length (12 month to 48 month) and type of program (certificate, AS, BS). The total cost includes lab fees, textbooks, and other needed equipment costs. Educational funding is offered for qualifying potential students, and it is advisable to research any available alternatives to help with these expenses.

Typical Curriculum

Since there are no radiation therapy schools in Alaska, you can complete general education credits that are typically required at most radiation therapy schools out of state, classes like:

  • History
  • English Composition
  • Physics
  • Statistics

Once you are at an accredited radiation therapy program, you will have to complete classes like radiation biology, radiologic physics, diagnostic imaging, and more. Most schools also require students to complete clinical lab work at surrounding hospitals.

Enrollment Considerations

If you’re ready to apply to a radiation therapist school out of state, remember to look at the quantity of prerequisites that you have already met if you are already in school. Then use our site to find the right program for you. Request information directly from our website to save time.

Featured Schools

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