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Radiation therapist are hired to manage cancer patients using specialized equipment that eliminate cancerous growths in and on the human body. Radiation therapy is one of the quickest growing area of study in the healthcare industry and has a high earning potential without the need for years of school. Completion of a radiation therapy degree in Colorado is a good career choice for applicants interested in both helping patients and working with cutting-edge technology.

Community College of Denver

1070 Alton Way Bdg 849
Denver, CO 80230
Phone: (303) 365-8379
Director: Phyllis S De Baun

Available Programs

Program Length
AS in Radiation Therapy 25 months
Certificate in Radiation Therapy 12 months

There is currently only 1 school in Colorado that offers a Radiation Therapy program, but 2 programs, an associates degree and a certificate degree for certified radiographers.

By completing either program, students will be able to take the national ARRT exam (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) and obtain a job as an entry-level radiation therapist usually working under a radiation oncologist. Students that are accepted into the program must complete at least 15 credits or 25 percent of the professional courses at CCD out of 44 credits. Students must pass all major classes with at least a 2.0

Students must complete the following courses if applying to the AS program:

  • ENG 121- English Composition
  • BIO 201, BIO 202 – A&P I, II
  • MAT 121 or higher
  • SOC 101 or PSY 101 or PSY 235
  • RTE 101- Intro. to Radiography

The usual deadline for the program is April 30th, but are occasionally delayed based on number of people that are applying.

Based on the number of credits need to graduate, it tuition for the entire associates program will cost $8000 for in state students or almost $33,000 for out of state residents. This rate is estimated based on current 2013 tuition rates and additional fees.

Typical Curriculum

To successfully earn a radiation therapy degree in Colorado, candidates will need to complete a range of courses covering relevant topics such as:

  • Oncology Pathophysiology
  • Principles of Radiation Therapy II
  • Multiplanar Sectional Imaging
  • Radiation Physics

For many programs in a CO radiation therapy school, you will also learn safety measures because of the delicate nature of the equipment and work. The coursework and length of degree at radiation therapy schools in Colorado may vary, nevertheless, you should expect to complete your degree in one to two years.

Enrollment Considerations

If you’re ready to apply to a radiation therapist school in Colorado, remember to consider the quantity of prerequisites that you have already met if you’re already in school. Then use our site to get the right program for you. Request information directly from our website to save time.

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