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Radiation therapist are hired to cure cancer patients using specialized equipment that destroy malignant growths in and on the human body. Radiation therapy is one of the quickest growing area of study in the medical field. Graduates can expect to make more than $50k up to $70k and more than 88% of graduates expect to be hired within 6 month of passing the ARRT board exam for Radiation Therapy. By completing a radiation therapy degree in Illinois, you will have the choice to make a difference in people lives while using cutting-edge medical technology.

Program Requirements

Radiation therapist schools in Illinois often require completing general education undergraduate courses before you apply for admission to a radiation therapy program. Some programs can also require achievement of beginning medicine courses such as medical terminology or health information technology. Since radiography and radiation therapy are closely relevant, some radiation therapy schools in Illinois even require completion of a degree in radiography and a passing score on its associated certification exam. According to ARRT, there are 4 recognized programs in Illinois and 3 programs that are accredited by JRCERT.

College Of Dupage

425 Fawell Blvd
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: (630) 942-2074
Director: Jeffrey A Papp

Available Programs

Program Length
Certificate in Radiation Therapy 12 months

Out of the 4 programs available in Illinois, College of DuPage is the only program that is not accredited by JRCERT, but it still recognized by ARRT so graduates are still able to take the board exam for Radiation Therapy. The program’s curriculum is based on the guidelines set by the America Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT). Like many of the RT programs in Illinois, it will include didactic and clinical competencies. Candidates must have completed certain GE courses such as College Algebra, English 101 + 102, speech, certain humanities courses, and biomedical terminology. Applicants must have completed either an degree in Radiology or Nuclear Medicine program from an accredited institution, but do not need to be registered with the ARRT.

Students that are residents of Illinois will have higher priority when the school chooses who gets into the program.

Application Deadline: July 1st (early admissions)

Seats Available: 12-20 depending on available clinical spots

Estimated Cost of Entire Program

  • Certificate: $10,119.43 for in state

Northwestern Memorial Hospital

251 E Huron St Galter Pv Lc178
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 926-2733
Director: Sandy L Piehl

Available Programs

Program Length Completion Rate ARRT Pass % Job Placement
Certificate in Radiation Therapy 14 months 80% 100% 100%
BS in Radiation Therapy 14 months 80% 100% 100%
Post-BS Certificate in Radiation Therapy 14 months 80% 100% 100%

Northwestern Memorial Hospital offers 3 different programs for students that want to become a registered radiation therapist. The actual Radiation Therapy portion takes the same amount of time for all 3 programs. Students can start from scratch with no prior degree, finish a full BS degree and then take part in the 15 month long clinical-based internship, or receive a certificate in RT for applicants that are already Registered Radiation Technologists. Currently, students do not need any degrees for the certificate program as long as they passed the Radiologic Technologists exam, but beginning in 2014, all applicants must carry at least an AS degree. For All 3 programs, applicants must have completed all prerequisites classes by June 1st with at least an 2.5 GPA. The list of classes that needs to be completed can be viewed here

Application Deadline: February 1st, but students may submit their applications starting October.

Seats Available: 5-8

Estimated Cost of Entire Program

  • Certificate: $8025.00

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Colle Of App & Arts Rm 18
Carbondale, IL 62901
Phone: (618) 453-8882
Director: Kevin S Collins

Available Programs

Program Length Completion Rate ARRT Pass % Job Placement
BS in Radiation Therapy 48 months 94% 97% 79%

Although the program at SIUC is BS specialization, to be eligible, applicants must be registered as an radiologic technologists. Students that completed all core courses and senior requirements will receive higher priority. Because of limited capacity at clinical sites, the p;program can only accept 20-25 students. Students will intern once in the spring and summer during their senior year.

Application Deadline: January 1st, course selections in February

Seats Available: 20-25

Estimated Cost of Entire Program

  • BS Program: $37,880.83/$94,775.04 – Resident/Non-Resident.

Swedish American Hospital

1400 Charles Street
Rockford, IL 61108
Phone: (815) 961-2038
Director: Leia D C Levy

Available Programs

Program Length Completion Rate ARRT Pass % Job Placement
Certificate in Radiation Therapy 22 months 75% 86% 79%
BS in Radiation Therapy 48 months 75% 86% 79%

The program offered at Swedish American is sponsored by the University of St Francis for both their certificate and baccalaureate radiation therapy programs.

Students that intent to apply to the BS track in Radiation Therapy can complete their first 2 years at University of St Francis (Rock Valley College) or at any articulated community college. They will complete their core classes, liberal education courses, and professional science courses that are required for the RT program. For the last 2 years of the program, they will work on their higher level RT classes and take part in clinical internships at affiliated clinical sites.

Their cert track can be taken by anyone with a valid Radiography Tech certificate. Students must have completed the ARRT cert by the first month of the program or will be dismissed. The credits earned from this particular program will not be transferable.

Application Deadline: December 15th

Estimated Cost of Entire Program

  • Certificate: $3000
  • BS: $22,419.06 for in state and $81,553.98 for out of state.

Typical Curriculum

To complete a radiation therapy degree in Illinois, applicants will need to take and pass some of the courses below:

  • Clinical Setups I-II
  • Ethics & Law in Radiation Therapy
  • Computer applications
  • Introduction to Radiation Therapy II
  • Quality Assurance

For many programs in a IL radiation therapy school, you will also learn safety precautions due to the delicate nature of the equipment and work. The coursework and duration of degree at radiation therapy schools in Illinois can vary, but you should expect to complete your degree in one to two years.

Enrollment Considerations

If you’re prepared to apply to a radiation therapist school in Illinois, make sure to consider the amount of prerequisites that you have already met if you’re already in college. Then use our site to get the right program for you. Request information directly from our website to save time.


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