Rhode Island Radiation Therapy Schools and Colleges


Radiation therapist are hired to manage cancer patients using specialized equipment that eliminate malignant growths in and on the human body. Radiation therapy is one of the fastest growing area of study in the medical industry and has a high earning potential without needing years of school. Completion of a radiation therapy degree in Rhode Island is a good career choice for prospective students interested in both helping patients and working with cutting-edge technology.

Program Requirements

For applicants of radiation therapist schools in Rhode Island, you might need to complete a number of related general education courses like biology and math. Additionally, colleges might require you to complete entry level healthcare courses like health information technology and medical terminology so that you shall be ready for the radiation therapy courses. In some cases, radiation therapy schools may even demand you complete degrees in radiography and pass the related certifications exams because it is closely related to radiation therapy.

According to JRCERT, there are no accredited radiation therapy schools avaliable in Rhode Island. Students that want to stay in state and save money on tuition are recommended to get a degree in Radiologic Technology first from an accredited then transfer into a Bachelorette degree or certification degree in another state. The following schools are JRCERT accredited Radiography programs.

Community College of Rhode Island
Lincoln, RI 02865
Phone: (401) 333-7144
Director: Sharon E Perkins

Rhode Island Hospital
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: (401) 528-8531
Director: Ellen E Alexandre

Average Tuition Costs

While attending a Rhode Island radiation therapy school, you are very likely to pay in the range of $9k – $12k per semester for most programs. In addition, you will likely pay an extra $500 to $600 each semester for lab fees, textbooks, and other needed supplies. To offset expenses, there are many financial aid opportunities specifically for radiation therapy students, so it is advisable for students to research this if you do not believe you can afford going to radiation therapist school. p>

Typical Curriculum

To successfully earn a radiation therapy degree in Rhode Island, candidates will need to complete a range of courses covering relevant topics such as:

  • Methods of Patient Care
  • Clinical Anatomy I-II
  • Principles of Radiography
  • Oncologic Pathology
  • Registry Examination Preparation

Additional coursework in radiation therapy theories, procedures, and safety precautions is an essential part of any program in a RI radiation therapy school as well. Hands-on training with radiation therapy equipment is also offered for advanced students in several of these programs. The duration of the coursework in radiation therapy schools in Rhode Island may be in the range of 1 to 2 years, contingent on specific schools .

Enrollment Considerations

If you are prepared to apply to a radiation therapist school in Rhode Island, remember to look at the amount of prerequisites which you have already met if you’re already in college. Then use our site to discover the right program for you. Request information directly from our website to save time.

Featured Schools

Pima Medical Institute

Florida Hospital College of Health Services


Colorado Technical University

DeVry University